Are you considering a synthetic wig? Everyone wants to look attractive and confident. A high-quality, gorgeous synthetic wig can be a great option to boost your charm and confidence.

K’ryssma Wig offers an extensive range of synthetic wigs, different from color, length to texture. Therefore It’s important to choose a wig that works best for you.

Here are six simple but important things you need to know before buying a synthetic wig.

1. Benefits and limitations of synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs, similar to their natural counterparts, are made from synthetic materials through special production process. They are convenient and ready to wear as they are pre-styled in shape. Thanks to their low cost and maintenance, they are also more affordable than human wigs. Furthermore, they can be serviced to extend life and restore condition.

It’s worth noting that synthetic fibers are so fragile that they must be kept away from any heat. As for service life, they often can last about 3 month.

2. Think carefully about hairstyle

Choose a normal but never wrong wig? Or take a risk and change up your look?

If you are a wig beginner, we recommend that you choose the style close to your current hairstyle. Otherwise, we will encourage you to break out of your routine and try different styles that you think might suit you and always want to try. Take it easy and have fun with your perfect synthetic wigs.

3. Choose a right color wig

The best advantage of wearing a wig is that you can try something different without chemical damage and also change color as often as you change your mind.

It’s best to choose a wig color that flatters you skin tone. We recommend that you should have at least one wig that close to your natural hair color. If you want to make a fashion statement, many wigs come in ombre colors or pastel are perfect for you.

4. Think about the length

Wigs of different length have diverse characteristics. When you are considering a wig, be sure to choose the length that suits for you. No matter how long a wig you want, it’s best to buy a longer one than you would like, because you can always style it to suit you.

5. Choose a wig suit for your lifestyle

Your lifestyle should be taken into account before buying a wig. For example,how much time are you willing to spend on your hair? And of course your financial status. Don’t buy a wig under the condition that you think you’ll change you lifestyle to suit it.

6. Don’t forget the size

It does really matters to figure out which size match for you, because everyone has a different sized head. When you’re buying a wig online, make sure to check the measurements on our website against the perimeter of your head. Many of our wigs have adjustable straps, which makes finding the right size easier.


It’s usually difficult to find a right wig in terms of hairstyle, length, hairstyle and size. This is the reason that we write this blog to give some helpful suggestions on buying wigs.